Global Crossroads

Through a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Great Lakes Colleges Association is launching the Global Crossroads Internationalization Initiative, a four-year initiative to advance internationalization to the programs of learning that define our undergraduates’ experience of the liberal arts. 

Many of the Global Crossroads programs will involve collaboration with members of the Global Liberal Arts Alliance, an international partnership of 29 U.S.-style liberal arts institutions representing 17 countries (including the thirteen members of the GLCA). The Alliance‚Äôs goal is to support excellence in liberal arts education through linkages with institutions (and their historical, cultural, religious, environmental, and economic contexts) in other parts of the world.

Take a moment to browse the current programs available, such as the Internationalization Innovation Travel Fund, and the list of schools involved in this initiative. And remember, if something piques your interest, do not hesitate to contact Associate Professor of Art History, Christine Hahn,, who is the Global Crossroads administrator at Kalamazoo College.

Learn more about the Mellon Grant work that is happening at Kalamazoo College.