Current Programs

The Global Crossroads Program consists of a variety of programs. Some of these programs are geared toward campus innovation and others are geared specifically toward faculty initiatives. 

Global Course Connnections (Offered with GLAA Schools)

Global Course Connections is an effort of the Global Liberal Arts Alliance. The immediate goal of this program is to support the connection of two college classes, one from a U.S.-based Alliance campus with one from a non-U.S. Alliance campus in a way that enriches both courses with an international perspective. The larger goal of this effort is to deepen the educational, social, and intellectual connections among the member institutions in an effort to create a globally inclusive community of Liberal Arts educators.

Connected courses need not be nearly identical or even from the same discipline, but must have overlapping topics that can be enhanced with an international perspective. The nature and extent of the course connections are determined by the instructors. The courses can be tightly coupled, working from a common syllabus with common readings and assignments, or they can be loosely coupled connecting at a smaller set of strategic points in the course where an international perspective would provide the greatest impact. Courses can use synchronous communication (e.g., shared class sessions, student-student Skype sessions) and/or asynchronous communication (e.g., through email, course management systems, forums or other web-based repositories). 

Themed Courses 

Through collaborative development of shared course materials (i.e., with faculty collaborators from Alliance institutions) and by offering shared courses with international dimensions, faculty members will engage their students in interdisciplinary and international topics. Proposals to offer a Themed Course are developed by faculty teams and are submitted through the Alliance Liaison from one of the participating campuses. 

New Directions in Global Scholarship

This program supports GLCA faculty members wishing to develop a new area of scholarly expertise that extends the global reach of current research or teaching. Recipients must seek out collaborators from Alliance institutions with expertise in the subject. Proposals in this program are developed by two or more faculty members and are submitted through the Alliance Liaison from one of the participating GLCA campuses.

Questions about the program should be directed to Simon Gray, Global Alliance program officer ( Each GLCA campus has an Alliance liaison with responsibility for coordinating the campus’ Alliance efforts and communicating with the Global Alliance program officer. The Kalamazoo Alliance liaison is Elizabeth Manwell (

International Innovation Fund (Campus Oriented)

This program provides support for each GLCA campus to advance its goals to internationalize the programs of learning that define an undergraduate’s experience of the liberal arts. There will be one proposal per campus, submitted by the campus’ Alliance Liaison.

Grand Challenges (Campus Oriented)

A Grand Challenge is a topic of global significance that transcends disciplinary boundaries and has important implications for humanity. Each year, exploration of a Grand Challenge will be the thematic focal point for curricular and co-curricular programming across all participating Alliance campuses. There will be one proposal per campus, submitted by the campus’ Alliance Liaison. The Grand Challenge topic is Challenging Borders

Shared Languages

The Shared Languages program will expand and deepen foreign language curricula by designing and implementing consortially-based collaborative courses and programs of study. Over the four years of the initiative, courses will be developed for at least one commonly taught language that is experiencing enrollment challenges and two lesser-taught languages with wide appeal within the Alliance. Participation will be determined by interest. The Shared Languages Program is being directed by Gabriele Dillmann ( 

Internationalization Innovation Travel Fund

See our IIF Travel Grant page for information about the IIF Grant program at Kalamazoo College. For information, please contact K’s IIF grant administrator Emily Kowey (